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Ugur Sahin: We are pleased about the vaccine efficacy of 95% in the overall population

By The European20.11.2020Economics, Europe

After conducting the final efficacy analysis on our ongoing Ph3 study, we announced that our #COVID19 vaccine candidate met all of the study’s primary efficacy endpoints. The data obtained so far demonstrate that #BNT162b2 was well tolerated across all populations with over 43K participants enrolled; no serious safety concerns observed.

Prof Dr med Ugur Sahin is a scientist with more than 60 independent patents in a variety of fields, including life science and biotechnology. Dr Özlem Türeci is a physician with over 20 years of cancer research experience. Her focus is on research into new immunotherapeutic agents and development of Antibodies and Vaccine-Based Treatment Concepts for Solid Tumors, Photo: imago images / Sämmer

We are pleased about the vaccine efficacy of 95% in the overall population, particularly the over 94% disease protection in those over 65y and the benign safety profile observed, so far. These are critical milestones as we are discussing the data with the European Medicines Agency, FDA and many more regulatory authorities around the world.

The positive data readout is a testament to #mRNA as an emerging new drug class and the potential it could hold in pandemics and the treatment of life threatening diseases. As a global community, we are one step closer to having weathered the storm that is this pandemic and we believe that science will stem the tide. I would like to thank all women and men, my team BioNTech SE, our colleagues Pfizer and partners who have spent the last 10 months working tirelessly on a global project at the speed of light.

This shows what is possible when mankind works together, united to achieve a common goal.



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