By Martin Eiermann - 16. 02. 2015

It takes significant resources and good lawyers to do some of the best public interest journalism. Traditional media organizations are not the only en...

By Martin Eiermann - 30. 01. 2015

The Japanese monster “Godzilla“ once anticipated the fears and risks of a whole century. Who could fill its shoes?...

By Martin Eiermann - 15. 01. 2015

Today’s ethics of responsibility is deeply individualized....

By Martin Eiermann - 27. 11. 2014

The persistence of racial discrimination in America is only news to those of us who have never been on the receiving end. For many African-Americans a...

By Martin Eiermann - 20. 10. 2014

Despite all warnings, it took an infection on American soil for the West to respond to Ebola. The virus is much more than just a medical challenge....

By Martin Eiermann - 13. 01. 2014

The almost exclusive focus on the NSA obscures the degree to which surveillance has become integrated into almost every level of government. For most ...

By Martin Eiermann - 4. 08. 2013

The past two months have undone the Age of Digital Innocence. It's now possible to speak of technology of power, and of the internet as a site of old-...

By Martin Eiermann - 23. 06. 2013

What the protests in Brazil and Greece tell us about world history. ...

By Martin Eiermann - 11. 06. 2013

Private companies and intelligence services have entered an unholy alliance: The former collect vast amounts of private data, the latter scoop it up w...

By Martin Eiermann - 8. 06. 2013

Most spontaneous and local protests are neither spontaneous nor local. ...

By Martin Eiermann - 29. 01. 2013

America likes to talk about race, but not about class. ...

By Martin Eiermann - 24. 10. 2012

Public debt has become the main argument against the welfare state. But the two are barely related. ...

By Martin Eiermann - 30. 08. 2012

According to German media, Mitt Romney is a spineless, shapeless politician. And 47 percent of Americans are apparently stupid or senile enough to vot...

By Martin Eiermann - 5. 08. 2012

Fewer publishing houses dominate an increasing share of the media landscape. The results: Centralized news production and an unfortunate loss of journ...

By Martin Eiermann - 21. 06. 2012

Instead of debating the future of Europe, liberals are content with retreating to the fake idyll of the nation-state. ...

By Martin Eiermann - 13. 06. 2012

A German magazine is outraged at the nuclear refitting of German-made submarines in Israel. But as long as we're willing to tolerate arms exports unde...

By Martin Eiermann - 12. 02. 2012

The more we read about the violence in Syria, the more powerless we feel. Big ideals and strong rhetoric are torn to pieces as the tanks advance towar...

By Martin Eiermann - 31. 12. 2011

The morning after is always tough. It's hard to remember what happened at the party, but the creeping feeling of guilt lingers. Blackouts are the oppo...


EU CO2 standards for trucks: Industry express serious concerns
By Alexandre Kintzinger

The EU-Parliament and the Council reached a provisional deal on new CO2 emission targets for heavy-duty vehicles. Until 2030 emissions from new trucks have to be 30 % lower compared to 2019 emission level. The EU said it is an opportunity for the manufactures to embrace innovation. For the industry,

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By debates

Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

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30 million Americans have no health insurance
By Bernard Sanders

No, President Trump, there is no "national emergency" on the souther border. You want a national emergency? 30 million Americans have no health insurance and many more are under-insured.

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The Divided States of America
By debates

The middle of the political spectrum is thinly populated: Only 10 percent of Americans identify as undecided independents. The rest is drifting apart politically.

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The Pope at the cradle of Islam
By Beatrice Bischof

On the occation of the first visit of a Pope at the Arab Peninsula in the United Arab Emirates Pope Francis called upon to use religion for peace, tolerance and the compliance of the freedom of religion. Dialog and tolerance are the keywords. But what´s the meaning of it?

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Back To Basics
By debates

Conservatism appears to be in crisis: climate change calls for environmental policies, the welfare state must be reformed (but not be abolished), the financial crisis has exposed the flaws of markets. Many conservatives struggle to articulate their answers - or do they?

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