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By Mark Briggs - 3. 02. 2015

Winston Churchill has left British politics with shoes too big to fill. ...

By Mark Briggs - 2. 02. 2015

When it comes to scoring political points, the Conservatives are bending democratic principles. ...

By Mark Briggs - 19. 12. 2014

Why Laura Bates should have been “Person of the Year” 2014....

By Mark Briggs - 24. 11. 2014

Instead of propagating alternatives to fend off UKIP, Labour and Conservatives are trying to attract voters by emulating Nigel Farage and his gang. ...

By Mark Briggs - 12. 11. 2014

The poppy has moved from a reminder of the futility of war, to bordering on a somber celebration of the act of sacrifice for Britain. That’s wrong....

By Mark Briggs - 31. 10. 2014

European governments are trying to reduce the number of Africans entering Europe. It is a sad irony that those people are exactly what Europe needs. ...

By Mark Briggs - 17. 10. 2014

An influx of hipsters would bring more to politics than just a snazzy dress sense....

By Mark Briggs - 10. 10. 2014

Back in 2008, Obama ran on a platform of hope. Today, that has become unthinkable – fear just seems to work so much better....

By Mark Briggs - 4. 10. 2014

The Conservative Party plans to pull the UK out of the European Human Rights Act. This is not only absurd, it is shameful....

By Mark Briggs - 25. 09. 2014

The referendum may have failed to return independence, but it might have gone a long way toward gaining Scotland both more powers and more influence. ...

By Mark Briggs - 19. 09. 2014

Why I am glad Scotland stays with us but potentially would have voted to leave the Union if given the choice. ...

By Mark Briggs - 15. 09. 2014

Regardless of the result, the Scottish referendum will change British politics fundamentally – and we should be thankful for that....

By Mark Briggs - 9. 09. 2014

If even the silly season is as eventful as it has been this year, then David Cameron should brace himself for a harsh autumn and winter....

By Mark Briggs - 24. 07. 2014

Last week, David Cameron nominated Jonathan Hill as the UK's next European Commissioner. It raises doubts about his intention of keeping Britain in th...

By Mark Briggs - 26. 06. 2014

David Cameron should heed the warning signs. Juncker’s triumph is only the first of many British defeats to come. ...

By Mark Briggs - 15. 06. 2014

The European elections have shown how big a problem populism really is. But Cameron, Hollande and other leaders can keep the populists at bay if they ...

By Mark Briggs - 22. 05. 2014

We don’t need more democracy; we just need a better version of it. The next year will give us Britons enough time to work on it. ...

By Mark Briggs - 5. 05. 2014

Green energy is the key to global power, but most states are still backing the wrong horse....

By Mark Briggs - 15. 04. 2014

The UK-EU relationship is complex, but the reason for this complexity is simple: both sides have baggage – and not just a bit....


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