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By Lars Mensel - 13. 07. 2015

During the Greek crisis, protest has migrated online. But who is listening?...

By Lars Mensel - 26. 06. 2015

There will inevitably come a point when you lose track of progress. Better to accept it now....

By Lars Mensel - 3. 02. 2015

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis came for finance talks and made the fashion pages. Why are we so surprised when someone couples a fresh approa...

By Lars Mensel - 26. 11. 2014

Should police officers wear cameras to clarify cases like that in Ferguson? I don’t think so. ...

By Lars Mensel - 24. 10. 2014

The next frontier of advertisement is native. It not only means that ads will masquerade as content, it also means that you can no longer trust your f...

By Lars Mensel - 14. 10. 2014

When was the last time an idea changed your life?...

By Lars Mensel - 8. 10. 2014

When it comes to technology, many value authenticity over convenience. It’s not rational, but it's understandable. Here’s why....

By Lars Mensel - 30. 09. 2014

What if the constant recording of every nook and cranny of our daily life is helping us to be more in touch with reality rather than less?...

By Lars Mensel - 22. 09. 2014

The internet has eliminated all things that make life unpredictable. Luckily, the large online corporations are coming to our rescue....

By Lars Mensel - 11. 09. 2014

We have allowed advertisers way too far into our lives. Will we pay the price?...

By Lars Mensel - 26. 08. 2014

We live in an age in which people love to be busy. Even if they aren’t....

By Lars Mensel - 13. 06. 2013

It is not surprising that mass-surveillance has become possible. Now is the time to challenge the dominance of American Internet services. ...

By Lars Mensel - 14. 10. 2012

The European Union has received the Nobel Peace Prize. But the most deserving recipient wasn't even on the list. ...

By Lars Mensel - 4. 09. 2012

The smartphone turns five. It has already changed our perception and use of time. ...

By Lars Mensel - 19. 07. 2012

Marissa Mayer has the potential to rescue Yahoo – not despite her pregnancy, but precisely because of her ability to master several challenges at on...

By Lars Mensel - 2. 01. 2012

We're tip-toeing into the abyss of mounting debt, economic stagnation and eroding confidence. But instead of questioning the decisions of banks and go...


How a company called Arabesque is powering sustainable finance through technology
By The European

Sustainable investing is a global mega-trend that has reshaped capital markets over recent years. With the European Union seeking to set the rules of the game for ESG through the implementation of the Taxonomy, the huge flows of money currently directed towards sustainability strategies are only goi

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The green space
By Beatrice Bischof

Recently, I was asked a question - when discussing the space industry: What does flight and space travel have to do with sustainability? A lot. I followed up on the question directly and was intrigued myself. By Beatrice Bischof.

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Eurosclerosis 2.0
By The European

Several generations worked hard for over 50 years for the EU to flourish politically and economically. But for the last two decades, a generation spoiled by prosperity has been driving the EU into the ground. Everything has both positive and negative effects, including peace and prosperity. The coll

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Bringing the EU up to date
By The European

This article explains why updating the EU is better than revolutionizing it by rebooting it. It discusses how to overcome Eurosclerosis 2.0. The EU needs neither revolutionary innovations nor counter-revolutionary turns, but an incremental and innovative further development. In short: the wheel does

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Europe’s struggle against the dominance of digital platforms
By Ewald König

Whoever has the relevant data can control market concentration and dictate how competition works: How the IT market is being liberalised and how local companies will gain opportunities

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A complementary model of political consulting
By The European

“Listen to the science” is the motto for both the coronavirus pandemic and climate policy. It is not a new motto. The scientification of politics has been ongoing since the 19th century. In the 1960s, there already was a real exaggeration of science. This was accompanied by the popularity of th

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