By Kyle Chan - 5. 11. 2012

The American people are not just electing a president and an economic platform; they are determining and defining the very character of their society....

By Kyle Chan - 18. 08. 2012

The ideological debate over regulation misses the point: it's not a question of more or less, but of good regulatory designs. The London bus system pr...

By Kyle Chan - 26. 07. 2012

The question of whether the Olympics are worth it is meaningless unless we ask: to whom?...

By Kyle Chan - 12. 07. 2012

Regulators and politicians missed a crucial opportunity for structural change after the financial crisis, but banks continue to serve up new scandals ...

By Kyle Chan - 29. 04. 2012

High executive pay is the result of two factors that markets have a hard time dealing with in combination: high stakes and high uncertainty....

By Kyle Chan - 23. 03. 2012

Rather than lamenting the flow of graduates from top schools into finance and consulting, we need to offer a compelling public sector alternative. Don...

By Kyle Chan - 27. 02. 2012

At the heart of the debate over raising taxes on the rich lies a basic economic question: Do higher taxes discourage people from working? Answering th...

By Kyle Chan - 7. 02. 2012

Banks got away with far too much, but we act as if the problem of fixing financial regulation has been solved. Have we missed our chance for real refo...

By Kyle Chan - 27. 01. 2012

Our discussions of income inequality are misguided. Instead of criticizing the rich for their wealth, we must ask whether the poor truly deserve their...


EU CO2 standards for trucks: Industry express serious concerns
By Alexandre Kintzinger

The EU-Parliament and the Council reached a provisional deal on new CO2 emission targets for heavy-duty vehicles. Until 2030 emissions from new trucks have to be 30 % lower compared to 2019 emission level. The EU said it is an opportunity for the manufactures to embrace innovation. For the industry,

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By debates

Years of austerity have left their mark on Europe: budget deficits have shrunk, reforms have been delayed, and the social costs of cuts are increasingly visible.

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30 million Americans have no health insurance
By Bernard Sanders

No, President Trump, there is no "national emergency" on the souther border. You want a national emergency? 30 million Americans have no health insurance and many more are under-insured.

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The Divided States of America
By debates

The middle of the political spectrum is thinly populated: Only 10 percent of Americans identify as undecided independents. The rest is drifting apart politically.

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The Pope at the cradle of Islam
By Beatrice Bischof

On the occation of the first visit of a Pope at the Arab Peninsula in the United Arab Emirates Pope Francis called upon to use religion for peace, tolerance and the compliance of the freedom of religion. Dialog and tolerance are the keywords. But what´s the meaning of it?

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Back To Basics
By debates

Conservatism appears to be in crisis: climate change calls for environmental policies, the welfare state must be reformed (but not be abolished), the financial crisis has exposed the flaws of markets. Many conservatives struggle to articulate their answers - or do they?

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