Has the ‘fuck you’ Brexit vote finally come up against the buffers of reality?

By John Malcolm Watts14.01.2019Global Policy

As Liberal western democracy crumbles, exemplified by the demise of parliament in the UK, the reigning in of Macron in France and Germany’s slide into coalition pantomime; the internet domination marches on.

The money-worshipping PC middle class have only their selfish selves to blame for the recent rise of the extremist right and surge in ignorant nationalism. It’s too late for the thinking classes to patronisingly label the disenfranchised ‘have-nots’ as ignorant numpties. Our welfare states stopped caring about the less well-off years ago when Thatcher promoted the politics of ‘me and my bank balance first’. We now see the comeuppance in the form of a majority ‘fuck you vote’ that has resulted in Brexit. Of course Brexit makes no sense and can only ever happen in name only and has no basis in reality, it’s still given a voice and indeed a weapon to the previously ignored working class, with nothing to lose.

The only positive I can see emerging from this debacle is that maybe politicians will give a much higher priority to the basic needs of human beings, rather than be driven purely by the the demands of the economy. ‘Austerity’ was a myth created as an excuse to adopt undemocratic, inhuman political policies and the Brexit vote enabled the forgotten to weald some real power in an era when many believe they can change the world from their smart phones.

But enough of this reality!

Next Tuesday should see the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit Deal in Westminster. Thank God at last the UK MPs are finally growing the balls to try and claw back the power of our democratically elected parliament. Government by referendum has been seen to be an unmitigated divisive disaster and hopefully will not be repeated.

If you believe, as I do, that eventually facts and truth will prevail, then it’s just a matter of time before all the polarised bluster comes up against the buffers of reality! Unfortunately, this may be a considerably long and painful period of realisation.

Many people in Great Britain voted not for the ridiculous binary choice of in or out of the EU, but for the right to be heard in a time when successive governments had ignore their interests and indeed their rights to an affordable decent life in a rich western democracy. The Brexit question should never have been asked because it has exaserbated deep social divisions and facilitated an increase in the politics of hatred and suspicion. However, we are dealing with unprecedented political times and so virtually anything is possible (and probably will) before the 29th March.

I would personally like to see the whole ludicrous concept of the UK ‘leaving Europe” swept away on a tide of common sense and practicality. In a world where unhinged dictators are the presidents of rival superpowers and lying is an acceptable political practice, it’s time Old World Europe pulls together to promote the values of truth, decency and care for fellow human beings. As in the school playground, isolated voices of reason get stomped by the bigger bullies and only unity amongst the reasonable can combat this happening in the wider adult World. Europe needs a new generation of politicians with courage, statesman-like qualities and the strength to avoid knee-jerk reaction to the pressure of media and internet. At the moment humanitarian Western Democracy is under as much threat as the rainforests.



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