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By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 13. 07. 2015

A look at attitudes about Greece....

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 1. 07. 2015

Greece’s endless eleventh hour agreements and continued resistance to bailout package terms have many wondering what next steps the country should t...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 8. 05. 2015

Elections in the United Kingdom have been disappointing for nearly everyone....

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 16. 04. 2015

Reluctance aside, the world still needs an American superpower....

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 28. 03. 2015

Our best hope for proper civic engagement is state sovereignty. But many confuse it with a dangerous sense of nationalism. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 18. 03. 2015

Nationhood, and the way we perceive it, is potentially the most controversial topic of the 21st century. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 23. 02. 2015

We need to have more empathy for people that suffer from addiction, as well as more appreciation for the people who do the dirty work of enforcing dru...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 12. 02. 2015

Perhaps a more distant Russia is not a good thing....

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 3. 02. 2015

Aging populations are both a blessing and a curse. What will our world look like when old age becomes the norm?...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 27. 01. 2015

Britain’s lukewarm approach to the European Union has done it more harm than either full integration or an outright departure ever could. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 21. 01. 2015

How much do online communities affect geopolitics? ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 12. 01. 2015

Islam, like any religion, needs effective critiques from believers and non-believers alike. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 8. 01. 2015

How Russell Brand is helping force UK politics into a very necessary state of self-reflection. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 23. 12. 2014

Porn, like any vice, can matter as much or as little as you want it to. Imposing a ban on it is the wrong solution to a much wider problem. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 11. 12. 2014

In the trenches of the First World War, Christmas and electronic music have more in common than one might think. ...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 4. 12. 2014

Radical groups and twisted individuals have been enticed by the power of social media to disseminate violent messages for a global audience. Is the In...

By Jesse Van Mouwerik - 27. 11. 2014

Michael Brown's death was not just a tragedy, but also the final straw for a town fed up with racial discrimination by police. Rather than merely hold...


How a company called Arabesque is powering sustainable finance through technology
By The European

Sustainable investing is a global mega-trend that has reshaped capital markets over recent years. With the European Union seeking to set the rules of the game for ESG through the implementation of the Taxonomy, the huge flows of money currently directed towards sustainability strategies are only goi

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The green space
By Beatrice Bischof

Recently, I was asked a question - when discussing the space industry: What does flight and space travel have to do with sustainability? A lot. I followed up on the question directly and was intrigued myself. By Beatrice Bischof.

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Eurosclerosis 2.0
By The European

Several generations worked hard for over 50 years for the EU to flourish politically and economically. But for the last two decades, a generation spoiled by prosperity has been driving the EU into the ground. Everything has both positive and negative effects, including peace and prosperity. The coll

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Bringing the EU up to date
By The European

This article explains why updating the EU is better than revolutionizing it by rebooting it. It discusses how to overcome Eurosclerosis 2.0. The EU needs neither revolutionary innovations nor counter-revolutionary turns, but an incremental and innovative further development. In short: the wheel does

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Europe’s struggle against the dominance of digital platforms
By Ewald König

Whoever has the relevant data can control market concentration and dictate how competition works: How the IT market is being liberalised and how local companies will gain opportunities

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A complementary model of political consulting
By The European

“Listen to the science” is the motto for both the coronavirus pandemic and climate policy. It is not a new motto. The scientification of politics has been ongoing since the 19th century. In the 1960s, there already was a real exaggeration of science. This was accompanied by the popularity of th

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