Africa’s Transition

Economic powerhouses like South Africa or Nigeria prove that the African continent is on its road to rapid economic growth. Six out of the world’s ten fastest growing economies of the last decade are located in Africa. Yet, the other side of the coin highlights that poverty, conflict and corruption are still rampant.

Growth with Inclusion...

Equality is not only a human right but a smart economic measure for a poverty-stricken continent. A Four Point Plan for Africa:

The New Scramble...

Africa's economic growth has sparked a fierce battle for influence between archenemies.

In with the New...

Africa needs a new generation of leaders, if it wants to transform its current economic growth into a long-run Golden Age rather than a short-term illusion.

Hung Jury...

Africa needs strong and effective national courts to come to terms with its conflict-ridden history. But the spectres of the past linger on and continue to divide the continent.

On Shaky Ground...

As Africa faces demographic growth of historic dimensions, hopes for corresponding economic development are high. But the continent is unprepared, and the recent economic improvements are threatened.

Arrested Development...

Africa needs to get serious about ‘development’ if it wants to live up to the “Africa rising” narrative. The first step will be to break free from colonial patterns of trade.

Burying the Hatchet...

The military conflict between the Congolese M23 militia and the government might be over but the road to long-lasting stability and peace is long and winding.

Blasts of Reality...

The Rwandan genocide still casts a deep shadow over Rwandan politics. Recent bombings have yet again highlighted the fragility of the country, but President Kagame is busy keeping up appearances.


Most People Are Rationally Ignorant

What decisions would we make if we deliberated carefully about public policy? Alexander Görlach sat down with Stanford's James Fishkin to discuss deliberative democracy, parliamentary discontent, and the future of the two-party system.

A Violent Tea Party?

For many Europeans the massacre in Arizona is another evidence that political violence is spreading in the United States but this unfortunate event was the deed of a mentally ill person, not a political activist. There is no evidence of an increasing political extremism tearing America apart. Using

Passage to India

The US and Russia don't agree on much - but they are both keen to develop a good relationship with India. How do we know? Look at the arms trade.

"Cities are making us more human"

More than 50 percent of the world's population now live in cities – and there is no end of urbanization in sight. Harvard economist Edward Glaeser believes urbanization to be a solution to many unanswered problems: pollution, depression and a lack of creativity. He spoke with Lars Mensel about the

No Glove, No Love

Contrary to the mantras repeated by the press, HIV infections are not increasing. We need to move away from activist scare tactics and towards complex risk management strategies.

Perfection Is Not A Useful Concept

Nick Bostrom directs the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He talked with Martin Eiermann about existential risks, genetic enhancements and the importance of ethical discourses about technological progress.

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