Incredibly Quick, Incredibly Small

The history of information is marked by increasing memory space and processing power. Quantum computing now holds another revolutionary promise. And it all begins with a cat inside a dark box.

Technology's Children

Superb cognitive abilities, longer lives, artificial limbs - around the world, scientists are working on technologies that would allow us to transcend biological boundaries. Their research poses a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human?

Humanity's Identity Crises

New technologies are breaking down the border between the real and the virtual. And ethical questions posed in "The Matrix" turn from fiction into fact.

The Species Is A-Changing

Genome analysis allows an unprecedented look at the history of humanity. It illustrates that we're a species in flux – and that the best is yet to come.

The Hidden Costs of Hesitation

What a chronic traffic jam around Washington DC can tell us about the future of biotechnology and the hidden costs of excessive caution

Against the Tide

Even the most advanced technology cannot compete with nature when it comes to tsunami defense. Our best hope: preserve coastal forests, and run for the hills.

Access Denied

Hundreds of asteroids – so-called "Near Earth Objects" – could impact the earth with devastating consequences. But scientists are already working on defensive technologies.

Exceptional Risks, Exceptional Precautions

The biggest viral threats come from man-made super-viruses. To prevent lethal global epidemics, scientists must trade experimental research for tighter safety measures.

Sober Science

Nightmare scenarios dominate the discussion about global pandemics. Let's inject a dose of reason into the discussion.

Ashes On Our Heads

Gigantic volcanic eruptions can have global consequences, but they still cannot be forecast or prevented. Luckily for civilization, the laws of nature work in our favor.

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Communication Quarantine

Secretly checking emails, twittering from the restroom, online 24/7. How addicted to the "social media" phenomenon have we become? Markus Albert attempts to find out himself.

Google Almighty

Social media and Google are quickly becoming invaluable to our lives. By breaking with old structures, the little start-up emerged as the most dominant force of the Internet Age.

The Highlanders' Way

The Scottish National Party is governing from Edinburgh. Their central aim: independence from England. But this does not necessarily spell doom for the UK. Instead, we might see the emergence of new forms of partial sovereignty.

Tales from the Shire

The German federal government is relinquishing power to the EU in Brussels. Yet encouraged by the success of regional autonomy movements elsewhere, Bavarians want to bring politics back to Southern Germany - and closer to the people.

Moscow, Get Ready for Trouble

The long shadow of the Soviet Union can be felt even today. Around Russia, former republics and part-republics are experiencing turmoil across national and ethnic borders. If Moscow is not careful to play her cards right, destabilizing forces could soon become energized.

There is Always Room for Mysteries

Our understanding of the universe is continuously expanding. But every question that is solved only leads to new questions. Alexander Goerlach talked to Sir Martin Rees about astronomy, scientific certainty, and the role of religion in contemporary society.

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