From Analysis to Paralysis

Big Data is often portrayed as witches’ brew. But such judgments miss the crucial point: supporting data analysis will facilitate our everyday lives.

Think Small

They don’t seem worth paying attention to, but for companies like Facebook, they are pure gold: the tiny digital footprints that we leave behind as we wander the Internet. To avoid undesirable consequences, we must focus on small data instead of big data.

Fishing in a Sea of Numbers

Online data is a partial reflection of the way humans act and think. Human behavior is too complex to be measured only by Facebook statuses and “Like-buttons.”

A Place Under the Sun

Energie transition is a costly business. Not every country can afford to shut down its nuclear plants, as Germany has done after Fukushima. Experts from different countries look towards a sustainable future.

Your Fears Destroy Our Planet

Germany's irrational fears about nuclear energy have led to a resurgence of coal as an energy source. The cost of short-sighted policies: Long-term climate change.

Decoding Human Evolution

New technologies allow for an unprecedented look at the origins of homo sapiens. They tell us where we came from, and with whom we mingled.

Fused Future

The promises of fusion technology are well-known. And a breakthrough seems within reach at the French ITER reactor: It could help to solve global energy problems and propel Bolivia to the forefront of international politics.

The Pencil Revolution

Graphene is so thin that it's barely visible. But it has the power to reshape the world: paper-thin touchscreens, a cure for blindness, and a solution to water scarcity might all be based on a thin layer of carbon atoms.

From the Ashes of the Old

The economic crisis has not undermined our potential to reinvent ourselves. Around the world, scientists and entrepreneurs are working on technologies that will revolutionize industry and manufacturing.

The Future Looks Brighter in 3D

What if we could manufacture the world around us with a simple mouse-click? 3D printing is turning dream into reality - and promises a second, hyper-personalized industrial revolution.

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Communication Quarantine

Secretly checking emails, twittering from the restroom, online 24/7. How addicted to the "social media" phenomenon have we become? Markus Albert attempts to find out himself.

Google Almighty

Social media and Google are quickly becoming invaluable to our lives. By breaking with old structures, the little start-up emerged as the most dominant force of the Internet Age.

The Highlanders' Way

The Scottish National Party is governing from Edinburgh. Their central aim: independence from England. But this does not necessarily spell doom for the UK. Instead, we might see the emergence of new forms of partial sovereignty.

Tales from the Shire

The German federal government is relinquishing power to the EU in Brussels. Yet encouraged by the success of regional autonomy movements elsewhere, Bavarians want to bring politics back to Southern Germany - and closer to the people.

Moscow, Get Ready for Trouble

The long shadow of the Soviet Union can be felt even today. Around Russia, former republics and part-republics are experiencing turmoil across national and ethnic borders. If Moscow is not careful to play her cards right, destabilizing forces could soon become energized.

There is Always Room for Mysteries

Our understanding of the universe is continuously expanding. But every question that is solved only leads to new questions. Alexander Goerlach talked to Sir Martin Rees about astronomy, scientific certainty, and the role of religion in contemporary society.

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