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Analyzing where foreign policy, social change, and popular culture overlap.

The Politics of Prejud...

A look at attitudes about Greece.

Democratic Default?...

Greece’s endless eleventh hour agreements and continued resistance to bailout package terms have many wondering what next steps the country should take.

Game of Groans...

Elections in the United Kingdom have been disappointing for nearly everyone.

From Stocks and Bonds ...

Reluctance aside, the world still needs an American superpower.

Unpopular Sovereignty ...

Our best hope for proper civic engagement is state sovereignty. But many confuse it with a dangerous sense of nationalism.

Unpopular Sovereignty ...

Nationhood, and the way we perceive it, is potentially the most controversial topic of the 21st century.

Both sides now...

We need to have more empathy for people that suffer from addiction, as well as more appreciation for the people who do the dirty work of enforcing drug laws.

Why are we Isolating R...

Perhaps a more distant Russia is not a good thing.

Grey Currency...

Aging populations are both a blessing and a curse. What will our world look like when old age becomes the norm?

England Prevails?...

Britain’s lukewarm approach to the European Union has done it more harm than either full integration or an outright departure ever could.

Drifting together...

How much do online communities affect geopolitics?

Telling the whole stor...

Islam, like any religion, needs effective critiques from believers and non-believers alike.


Most People Are Rationally Ignorant

What decisions would we make if we deliberated carefully about public policy? Alexander Görlach sat down with Stanford's James Fishkin to discuss deliberative democracy, parliamentary discontent, and the future of the two-party system.

A Violent Tea Party?

For many Europeans the massacre in Arizona is another evidence that political violence is spreading in the United States but this unfortunate event was the deed of a mentally ill person, not a political activist. There is no evidence of an increasing political extremism tearing America apart. Using

Passage to India

The US and Russia don't agree on much - but they are both keen to develop a good relationship with India. How do we know? Look at the arms trade.

"Cities are making us more human"

More than 50 percent of the world's population now live in cities – and there is no end of urbanization in sight. Harvard economist Edward Glaeser believes urbanization to be a solution to many unanswered problems: pollution, depression and a lack of creativity. He spoke with Lars Mensel about the

No Glove, No Love

Contrary to the mantras repeated by the press, HIV infections are not increasing. We need to move away from activist scare tactics and towards complex risk management strategies.

Perfection Is Not A Useful Concept

Nick Bostrom directs the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He talked with Martin Eiermann about existential risks, genetic enhancements and the importance of ethical discourses about technological progress.

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